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Share Your Idea with your Community at the international pitch competition

How It Works

Pitch Contests are lively ONLINE two-hour events that offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their business ideas with a global audience.

International startups are voted on by the event’s participants in an online voting process based on their priorly prepared profiles including introductory videos, text, etc. The final nominees will pitch live and will be questioned and voted on by an expert jury.

Jury Finale

The top nominees chosen by the StartUpCON Live community will then pitch live to our professional jury of their ideas in the run for first place.

  • A pre-selected group of Entrepreneurs gets the opportunity to pitch their idea to the audience including a group of judges. A pitch must be no longer than 2.5 minutes.

  • After the pitches, the judges will award three of the four cash prizes while the audience will vote on who will win the fourth cash prize.

  • NOTE: A group of entrepreneurs who are not selected to pitch will get an opportunity to set up a table to showcase their business idea. Attendees will vote to see if one of these entrepreneurs will also get the opportunity to pitch their idea.

Who Should Apply

In order to be eligible to pitch you’ve got to have a tech-related product & no service. The company has to be younger than 3 years & needs to have less than 100 employees. Furthermore, you have to be actively looking for funding.

​Contests are open to people who are in the business idea stage, people who are looking to take a hobby to the next level, or those looking to pivot and grow an existing business. Business ideas across a wide range of industries are encouraged.

Pitch Contests

A global stage for rising startups!

Every month, StartUPCON chapters around the world get a ScaleUp session to soak up the advice of the best entrepreneurs, experts, specialists, investors, and local influencers in their cities.

Our PITCH JURY is experienced seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors that have built successful companies, investment portfolios, and products, and now pass their time on freely to mentor the communities in which they live.

A StartUPCON Pitch Contest event isn’t a keynote, is a PITCH.

  • No cost to participate.

  • Open to everyone.

  • An excellent way to validate a business idea and get feedback.

  • Great opportunity to connect and network with business owners and leaders as well as potential customers.

  • Enables entrepreneurs to enhance their presentation skills in a friendly environment

  • Opportunities to win prizes to help get a business started!

These talks should inspire a room full of founders and educate them to challenges they will encounter in their business. Every talk ends with audience interaction: our director welcomes the crowd to ask about 15 minutes of questions to compliment the 45 minutes of fireside discussion.



Every StartUPCON event is recorded with full audio and video for distribution on our video and podcast channels, which draw viewers and listeners every month. Your fireside session will be listed alongside the likes on the StartupCON YouTube channel, You may use the video and audio collateral for promotion and media in the future, but StartUPCON reserves all rights to the content for commercial purposes. You’ll also become part of the StartUPCON community, complete with invitations to other StartupCON events, access to our trusted partners, and an invitation to contribute their learnings to the StartupCON network.


Thanks for submitting!

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